The Marbling Technique

It is always cool to have a guest artist come in to our classroom and teach us a technique that we have never done before, or even heard of! Teallah’s grandma, Mrs. Rhodes and her friend, Mrs. Kennedy, came last week to do some Marbling with the students. Marbling involves using an ammonia-water solution in a tub. Then paint (acrylic or oil) is strategically ‘drawn’ onto the solution. Using a stick or comb, texture is given to the paint. Then a sheet of paper or cloth is laid on top and uniformly pressed. Gently rinse the paper off in cold water; the paint stays right in place! The sheet amazingly picks up the transfer and, “voila!”, you have a beautiful piece of art! This is the Marbling technique. Watch the boys and girls in Division 7 learn how to marble. Thanks so much for sharing your art with us, Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Kennedy! Also, thanks to our three wonderful Leadership student helpers, Angelina, Jasmin and Sydney!

Music: Tiny Dance by Elton John

Visiting the Reef!

We had a great day doing our Inter-tidal study at an amazing Campbell River area reef on a ‘spring tide’ day. We arrived at the reef and had to carefully tread through layers of sea lettuce hidden with various marine invertebrates beneath. Once at the reef the boys and girls discovered many varieties of seaweed, i.e. Oyster Thief, Sea Cauliflower, Stag Horn, Succulent Seaweed and various types of Kelp. We also found many species of marine invertebrates, i.e. Gumboot Chiton, Urchins, Sea Squirts, Feather Dusters, a variety of crabs and snails, Leather Stars, Blood Stars, Sea Cucumbers, Ribbon Worms, Blood Worms and so much more! The weather was amazing and the students did an excellent job finding the species on their identification cards. Following the reef, we went to Miracle Beach for lunch and a play. Thank so much to our wonderful parents who joined us!

Music: Gang of Rhythm by Walk Off The Earth

Our Trip to Errington

We had an awesome trip to Errington and Coombs last week! We first visited the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre where we met many of the animals that the centre has rescued. There was Knut the resident American Black Bear, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Barred and Snowy Owls, Painted and Red-Eared Slider Turtles, Canada Geese, Turkey Vultures and much more! Following the NIWRC, we went to Chloe’s grandparent’s sheep farm. We met the new lambs and learned that they had all been born black or brown this spring! Mrs. Fletcher and Chloe fed the sheep and demonstrated how to work with sheared wool. We also enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Fletcher farm. Lastly, we headed to Coombs Country Market for some shopping and an ice cream cone! A great day on central Vancouver Island!

Music: Home by Phillip Phillips

We Love the Forest!

We had a wonderful visit to our Cumberland Forest last week! The boys and girls, along with our buddy class, did a scavenger hunt involving the trees in the forest. The boys and girls were looking for specific things like different species of deciduous and coniferous trees, nurse logs and seedlings. We always enjoy spending time with our little buddies in Mrs. Meyer’s class and really do appreciate our amazing forest!

Music: 59th Street Bridge Song

Dancing the Maypole

A spectacular Maypole performance! The Cumberland students who performed the Maypole at Village Park on May Day had been coming to practices twice weekly for a few months and were very committed. Their hard work paid off and they all did a wonderful job! Mrs. Ellis has been coaching the Maypole for many years and was once a Maypole dancer herself as well as a May Queen! Watch right to the end of the slide show and you will see Mrs. Ellis dancing in ‘Legends of the Maypole’. Mrs. Birnie and her Royston students were dancing on the third pole and is was fabulous to have them there and to have three full Maypoles!

Our Salmon and the Deep Bay Marine Station

Whew! It is a relief to be able to release the Salmon that we have carefully nurtured for several months. Our Coho eggs arrived in mid January and we were able to observe them evolve from egg to alevin to fry in four months. We recently released 146 healthy fry into the Morrison Creek watershed. We only lost 6 along the way so the outcome was very good! Our fry will hang around Morrison Creek for about a year before they make their way down the Puntledge River and out to Sea. A year or so later they will return to spawn and thus the cycle continues! Following our salmon release we went to Deep Bay Marine Station (VIU) for a study on Marine Diversity. The boys and girls had the opportunity to do several experiments in the lab, i.e. how whale blubber works and viewing marine invertebrates under the microscope. We had a great visit with Amie, Public Education Coordinator! Thanks so much to our parents who transported us and participated with us!

Music: Paradise by Cold Play

Art in Nature

After learning about UK nature artist, Andrew Goldsworthy, and viewing some photos of his work, the boys andgoldsworthy-andy girls of Division 7 headed out into our forest to try some of their own nature masterpieces. The students found many items in the forest that they used for their art, such as Broom and its flowers, stones, pebbles, branches, fir cones and so much more. After some time to create the students shared their artwork with classmates. See what the Grade 3s created!

Music: Mahna Mahna by Cake (Muppets)

The Inquiry Fair

What a process! The students of Division 7 spent weeks completing family trees, interviewing relatives, finding special family recipes, writing a reflective poem and collecting photos and artifacts. Once all was collected and word processed, the boys and girls creatively matted and mounted their family information onto a display board. The students practiced sharing with each other, attended a Cumberland Community School Inquiry Fair and then, finally, shared their projects at the School District 71 Inquiry Fair at the Native Son’s Hall. I was very proud of all my students for the effort. commitment and creativity they put into their projects! The students and their families all learned something new about their family! Thanks, parents, for all of your support with projects!


Not A Stick!

It is amazing what the imagination of a child can do with simple objects like a box or a stick.  Along with our buddy class, we read Not A Stick by Antoinette Portis.  The boys and girls loved the story!  The big and little buddy then went on a search for the perfect stick to reinvent.  The boys and girls came up with wonderful transformations of their sticks!  We had lots of fishing rods, a metal detector, a race car, a guitar and many more as you will see when you watch the slide show.  Especially exciting for the big buddies was that they were the little buddy when Mrs. Meyer and I did this book activity a few years ago!

Music: Little Boxes by Loch Lommond

The Wood Shop

We are learning a lot about working with wood in the wood shop with Mr. Munro. We know the safety rules (no bling, shoes tied, hair back and no loose clothing). We’ve learned how to measure, sand, saw, hammer nails and drive screws. All the newly learned skills were used while building model sail boats. When the boats were done the students just had to test them in the playground ‘lakes’. It was great fun! Thanks Harley, Jasmine and Emma for helping us! Watch the show! ⛵️